[ It's about the questions we ask ]

Films have been often characterized as being essays on the human condition. In an essay, one should gather insights about the philosophy that guides the questions and attitudes of the work. Films should be no different. Film is Philosophy expressed through the medium of image- realized through light and sound. Presented and structured in such a way as to foster debate in the public and private forum.

It is our vision and our hope to not only screen important films, but also create an environment of cultural, historical, and aesthetic enrichment through conversation, presentation, and cinematic celebration. Heading into our 6th edition, it is our continued aspiration to not only challenge local audiences both cinematically and philosophically, but ultimately help shape and define the genre of Philosophy Films, in doing so preserve a collection of films which will someday serve as a dynamic and textured survey of the great philosophical questions of our time as explored through the visual arts.

The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival is the hardest thinking no-fee festival in the business. Since 2008, we have exhibited films we believe speak about the human condition, ask questions, and challenge the audience to consider the content of our program. This year is no different. We will be screening short and feature films which provoke the audience to discover through the art of cinema and we hope you join us.